How To Use Chronometer For Optimal Wellness

Chronometer is a lifestyle tracking application that I can’t recommend enough for anyone who wants to take their health to the next level with nutrition. This is a must have if you are considering a ketogenic diet! You set the parameters and it will tell you if you are hitting your targets everyday. This is a game changer!

There is a  laptop version and an app for your phone to accurately track the most important biomarkers for your daily health with ease. You will receive detailed information about your micronutrients, macronutrients plus so much more!

I have spent the last weeks mastering how to use this and it has really allowed me to better understand my physiology in a much more profound way and the best part is I can also track my clients progress.

It is free to use and highly recommended if you want to fully take your health to the next level.  The best news is that health professionals like myself can see into their clients profiles, share recipes and track progress.

Wow! I am loving this program and having a lot of fun too!

Mary Beauchamp, RN
Ketogenic Diet Retreats

TOM_1641 (light)Mary Beauchamp is a is a world traveler, food alchemist, and student of ancient healing traditions. She has four beautiful children, two grandchildren and a husband of 25 years. With her knowledge of nutritional science, natural plant medicines, and ancient super foods, she formulates food products for the natural foods industry and is a private health coach specializing in healing the metabolism and reversing disease through the implementation of therapeutic nutritional strategies and mindful awareness. She specializes in healing the metabolism by addressing environmental, emotional and dietary stressors.

Mary works with a team of Naturopathic doctors at Auburn Naturopathic Medicine in northern California. She also offers private and group online coaching programs. You can learn more about her work by visiting her website,  Mary is passionate about re-educating people about nutrition.  She invites you to experience your body as a master communication system and facilitates this sacred encounter within to unlock the body’s innate intelligence to heal and thrive!