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My name is Mary Beauchamp. I am a Registered Nurse, Therapeutic Nutritionist and GAPS Certified Practitioner. I first discovered the ketogenic diet in 1993, when I began my career working with Dr. Stephen Phinney, at The Obesity Treatment Center in Sacramento, California. Dr. Phinney is a revered pioneer of the ketogenic diet. He has written several books, which I highly recommend reading: The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living (a must read for health professionals!); and The New Atkins For a New You.

As a mother of four children (and grandmother of two), I have always been determined to find ways to keep my family healthy without relying on antibiotics and pharmaceuticals. Thus, implementing a low carbohydrate lifestyle fulfilled my highest expectations and was like a magic bullet for keeping my family healthy over the last 25 years.

It is no coincidence to me that cutting edge medical research has discovered a plethora of supporting evidence for the ketogenic diet in multiple applications including obesity, diabetes and cancer treatment. Why aren’t people demanding that these therapies be pushed through trials?

“Ironically, the biggest obstacle we have is the fact that the [ketogenic] diet is free.” ~ Jim Abrahams, The Charlie Foundation

I have directly experienced the benefits of the ketogenic diet with my own family; and with virtually every client I have worked with, who is willing to make the shift. It works! And… the results are extraordinary!

My number one goal is to help ordinary people make an easy transition to a low carb, ketogenic lifestyle, because I believe it is the most potent and accessible healing strategy available to the masses for reversing disease.

The ketogenic diet has been proven effective for combating seizures, Alzheimer’s, dementia, mood swings, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, brain fog, hormone imbalances, low libido, metabolic syndrome, leaking gut, obesity, cancer (inoperable brain cancer), heart disease, vaccine injuries, Type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disorders…

I have learned that prevention is NOT early detection…  Prevention is doing something right now that is going to create lasting wellness… My deepest desire is to educate people about health, so they can become their own best advocate.

I teach people how to take control of their health, through dietary therapies that restore the function of mitochondria, and coach people on how to start living the life they truly desire.


Mary Beauchamp, RN
Therapeutic Nutritionist
GAPS Certified Practitioner